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Cellular polycarbonate sheet


The cellular polycarbonate, laminated translucent insulating light structure, is designed to withstand inclement weather, acts as an excellent thermal insulator, is resistant to breakage and difficult flammability. 

Another important characteristic is their ability to save energy. Is a material with high rates of transmission of light and translucent material with greater resistance to impact. 


There are several applications terrace enclosures, roofs, walls, skylights, greenhouses, partitions, signage, vending, sports facilities, skylights, domes, shopping ... 


The variety of application allows for different areas, from graphic arts (markings, promotional items ...), furniture companies, installers covered.

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Division with polycarbonate

Our customer, Gustavo Adolfo Tari, made the separation in a shop with cellular polycarbonate. The space created gives some transparency and openness.

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